Fear of flying can be made up of multiple different aspects, for example, the fear of something happening to the plane, the fear of turbulence, the fear of heights, the fear of enclosed spaces or the fear of being trapped, the fear of the unknown and the fear of being out of control, which is usually associated with panic attacks.

If you suffer with a fear of flying it can affect the quality of your life. It can prevent you from going on nice holidays abroad, and even if you make the flight out, it can ruin your holiday, because all you do is worry about the return flight home!

So, sadly fear of flying can ruin lives…but it doesn’t have to be that way!

(Lawrence’s Primetime TV Show, ‘Fear of Flying’ on Channel 4)

When Lawrence was asked by channel 4 to cure a plane full of phobics as part of a TV show, he was so successful at it, that it lead to his partnership with easyJet, and along with Mark Wein, whose sister happened to be a participant in the channel 4 show, they have been running the easyJet Fearless Flyer programme for over 10 years now, and it’s helped over 10,000 people and counting!

The easyJet Fearless Flyer Team